How does regressiontherapy work?

First we define the aim of the treatment. In that way we zoom into the field of the problem. This automatically activates a trance-like condition, which makes it possible to remember long forgotten situations. Don´t worry, you will stay conscious during all the time and will remember the work we do. In fact, we will interact with eachother throughout the session.

What if I cannot bear to see these things?

Don´t worry. You are not alone. You will experience these situations only to that extent that is conducive to your healing.

And then?

Then the real work starts. It can be a very beautiful work with many possibilities. We may be able to retrive lost virtues, delete negative convictions, explore new talents and so on. There is almost no limit to it´s possibilities.

I heard regression works with past lifes. What if I don´t believe in this?

I would say this shows your healthy state of mind. Because believing in something without having experienced it does not help us getting ahead. But what helps us to get ahead is to be open to phenomenas, that may not be explainable today in full detail. In that sense we work. In regression some people recall situations that happened before their present lifetime. We treat those situations the same way as we treat situations of the present life. And very often this is of an enormous benefit for the client.

Ok, I want to give it a try. But is it suitable for my issue?

It depends. It is necessary that your mind is working well. That means that you still are in possession of a coherent identity. So you are welcome with emotional issues like inbalance, grief and depression. Also somatic phenomenas like headache, certain pains and physical complains can be treated very well.
On the contrary people who suffer acute psychotic symptoms are not suitable. They no longer follow their own thoughts and experiences and are therefore no longer capable of selfreflection which is an essential part of the healing prosess.
To give you an idea what regression can do and can not do I made the following list below.

Regression is helpful for:

Fears and phobia

Relationship problems

Sorrow and depression

addictions and eating disorder

sexuality problems

Problems at workingplace, z.B.: Burn-Out

unexplainable achings such as backpain or headache

Collateral healing-effects can be:

Better understanding of ones lifesituation and of others

Rediscovery of ones talents

Recovery of ones fertility

Development of a conscious living

Regression is not suitable for:

Severe personality disorder

Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline

Severe and acute psychosis

Clients under the influence of drugs

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